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The owner of property is responsible for making sure that the property is safe and free of dangerous conditions. Business owners invite the public to engage in business and are responsible for their safety. Orloff & Associates have helped multitudes of people to recover for their injuries due to the negligence found upon real property. For example:

  • Our client "J.A." was a patron at her local supermarket when she openedthe ice case and a bag of ice fell from above her head and onto herknee. Her knee was torn up inside and required surgery. Werecovered not only for her injuries but also for her husband’s loss ofconsortium.

  • "A.A." was a patron in a donut shop which was frequented by homeless.The shop owner did nothing to stop the homeless. When "A.A." wasassaulted and brutally beaten, we brought an action and arrived at areasonable settlement.

  • Two friends went to a bar to celebrate his upcoming wedding when theywere both beaten. The security guard did nothing. We were able toassist both friends to a excellent settlement.

  • "P.T." was walking across a parking lot when he fell into a drain pipe. Theowner failed to put the cover on, causing our client to suffer injuries.We secured a settlement for "P.T."

  • Slippery floor near the soda machine at a local restaurant caused our clientto fall and injure herself. We settled for a confidential sum.

  • A dog bit "H.R.’s" little girl, resulting in a judgment in "H.R.’s" favor.

  • "D.V." attended a holiday party when he got tipsy at closing time. Thehotel security were too eager to clear the room, prevented "D.V." fromgetting money from the ATM so that he can get a cab, smashed hisface into the wall and threw him into the street. We settled with thehotel.


Accidents happen every day. Whether the injury was caused by failing to secure the dog so it does not jump on the mail carrier, failing to cut the branches off a tree so it does not smash a car or person, or replacing the bulbs so that the walkway is lit, numerous type of injuries can occur on property.

Our Downey Premises Liability attorneys spend the time, energy and effort to hold the responsible persons, the business owners, and the insurance companies accountable. We make sure that you are able to receive all of your necessary medical attention and often do so by cooperating with doctors to get you treatment on a lien basis, where the doctors get paid from your recovery. Moreover, your injury brings the dangerous condition to light so that someone later is not hurt even worse. For those homeowners, business owners and government entities who breach their duty of care, Orloff & Associates is here to help you recover for your injuries caused by their breach of duty of care.


Dangerous conditions on someone else’s property cause injuries unexpectedly and sometimes tragically.

  1. First, seek medical attention. Tell the doctor how the injuryoccurred and every part of you which was injured.

  2. Second, take photos of the location, the dangerous condition,the spill on the floor, the loose object, or whatever caused the injury.Keep the receipt evidencing that you were at that location on thatparticular day. Also take photos of your injuries.

  3. Third, cooperate with the incident report with the propertyowner. If there is a business, insist that the manager take an injuryreport. Business owners often claim that no one reported an injury.

  4. Fourth, get the contact information of anyone who was awitness.

  5. Fifth, contact a premises liability attorney immediately, suchas Orloff & Associates. We need to put the property owner on noticeto preserve evidence such as video feeds. Preparing a case early oftenmakes the difference for a great recovery.

Do not try to handle the claim yourself. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Insurance companies are trained experts at getting you to say something against your own interest, to put words in your mouth and then manipulate you into believing that you have no case or that it was your fault. A hazard on their Property caused you to suffer an accident. GET THE COMPENSATION YOU DESERVE.

Contact a Downey Premises Liability Attorney at Orloff & Associates for a free consultation. (562) 869-3034. We are so confident in our clients and their cases that we handle every Premises Liability Plaintiff’s case on a contingency, with NO RECOVERY, NO FEE.