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Case Results

Personal Injury


Often personal injury cases are not only about liability, but ensuring that our client is fully healed and fully recovers from those injuries. We search tirelessly for all forms of insurance to cover our client’s treatment. We obtained the policy limit and thereafter exhausted our client’s underinsured motorist coverage for treatment after our client moved to another State.

Obtained policy limit.


Our client, J.H., was hit from behind. The impact was moderate. In speaking with him it appeared that something was off about him. We sent him to have a high definition MRI and sure enough, he was suffering from a minor Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of the accident. After presenting the evidence, we obtained the $100,000 policy limit.

Obtained the $100,000 policy limit.


Our client, J.A., was a patron in a supermarket when a bag of ice fell on her leg. The ice was stacked too high in the ice case. Her knee was torn up and we obtained a significant recovery for her injuries. We also obtained a recovery for her husband for loss of consortium.

Obtained a significant recovery.


The case of Mansdorf v. Giacomazza, involving an 88-year-old man who had become the trustee of the family trust upon the death of his brother. The primary asset of the trust was 1300 acres of Malibu coastline, valued at $400,000,000. Giacomazza, through lies and duress, had swindled Mr. Mansdorf of the property. Orloff and Associates was able to demonstrate to the court the lies and lack of credibility of Giacomazza and obtained a judgment returning the property to the family trust.

Returned property to family trust.

Real Estate Litigation


The State was taking our client’s home to widen the freeway but did not want to pay full price for their home. We were able to maximize the value they received for their home.

Maximized value on behalf of client.


A mother left a property to her two daughters. One of the daughters lived in the property and the other wanted to sell the property after their mother died. The sister out of possession sought to claim an offset for rent. We stopped the sister from being able to obtain an offset and ensured that the property be sold and evenly split.

Property was sold and evenly split.


Our Client, N.B., was defrauded out of title to his home. He was led to believe that investor grants from the government would allow him to profit from the use of his property. Despite two parties filing bankruptcy and another skipping town, we were not only able to help him retain his home, but also to obtain a judgment in excess of $1 Million.

Client received over $1 Million.


In another recent case, the Bureau of Automotive Repair shut down our client's auto body repair shop for alleged violations of California state laws. Our client had financed equipment and other materials and signed a 10-year lease, so it was vitally important the business remain operational. Because of our swift and aggressive action on its behalf, we were able to successfully protect our client's real estate interests and the business stayed open.

Real estate interests protected, business stayed open.

Construction Defects


When an unlicensed contractor tore down our client's house and then abandoned the project, we were able to sue the contractor and recover a six-figure judgment against the unlicensed contractor. Under the law, an unlicensed contractor is viewed by the court as just as serious as an unlicensed doctor or lawyer. Any money that they have taken must be returned, and the court will treat the action as misrepresentation, and in some cases, fraud.

Six-figure judgment recovered.

Civil Rights


In Valov v. DMV, our client opposed being photographed for a driver's license on religious grounds. Rather than citing the law as a reason for declining the case, we took the case and had the law changed by arguing that our client's case did not involve a compelling state interest. By successfully arguing that another standard applied to our client's situation, we protected his rights and many others facing the same issue.

Successfully changed the law.

Contract Disputes


In Primetech v. Volvo Aero, we represented an aircraft parts manufacturer that bought parts that they were going to resell. When the parts were not delivered we took immediate legal action against the vendor and were able to successfully recover nearly all of the money as well as the parts. This case ended up being a sizeable settlement for our clients.

Settlement reached.